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Our goal is to bring community transformation for God’s glory through equipping advisors to live a whole new lifestyle.


A whole new lifestyle as you shape your

advisor career towards a greater good. 

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Are You Stuck?


As an independent advisory rep, you’ve worked hard to build your practice. But behind the scenes of financial technology hype, many back office systems remain stifled by outdated workflows and inefficient processes. Data entry for on-boarding and updating client information can be tedious and slow. Your time and energy is gridlocked in the mundane tasks with multiple checks needed to avoid errors and compliance issues. Your ambition to grow your practice or focus time on more purposeful activities is often used up, and you’re lacking peace. 


Manual processing stealing your time and focus


The weight of continual compliance regulations


The clutter of fragmented technology platforms


The burden of an unclear

succession plan

Trying Typical Options

Being a natural problem solver, you’ve already looked for help. This can be time consuming, and even frustrating if there are no clear answers. Typical solutions often require adding another software program. Then, finding a contracted specialist to set up, integrate, and utilize the program. Or you could hire and train new staff, which is often the most expensive option. 


Many of these options may seem to help in the short term, but in our industry, if core systems are not in place to begin with, or they lack true integration, you can find yourself back where you started.  

You’re still frustrated and unable to live in the freedom you want.


Finally, a Better Way

At Highway Financial Networks®, we offer you a way out of the gridlock. We believe your time and energy is a valuable asset and we want to equip you to run your practice smoother, faster, and simpler than ever before. When you join Highway Financial Networks® as an independent advisory representative, you can finally experience the peace, freedom, and assurance you need to grow.


The peace of accurate, secure and compliant data


More freedom in your schedule from day-to-day


Assurance backing you now and down the road

Peace Starts Here


At Highway Financial Networks® we’re here to help you make the most of your advisory career and your lifestyle. When you join Highway, you’ll access our innovative back office system that will free you from the mundane tasks that are putting a strain on you. You’ll dramatically reduce data entry time with our simple automations that guide you to enter data accurately the first time. You’ll also feel peace knowing your data has all been captured accurately and in compliance from the start, saving you time and frustration. Now you can carry greater levels of peace knowing your documentation is accurate, current, and organized.

Get Peace Today

A Smoother Road

Although the front end of our industry seems to be on the leading edge of technology, the back office processes often remain outdated. Even now, data capture can be as basic as pen and paper forms or digital forms that are static and disconnected. These result in multiple manual entries of the same information.   When you combine these inefficiencies with a rapidly changing environment, increased data transactions, and stricter compliance guidelines, it’s easy to see where there’s plenty of room for errors. The ability to capture data that is accurate and secure is more critical than ever before. Not only will we help you be proactive on the front end, we are here to support you in any event that could disrupt your practice. When you join our firm, we want you to know there’s a smoother road ahead for you.  


Accurate & Compliant From the Start

Free Your Schedule


When you join our firm, you’ll utilize our industry’s most reliable digital platforms combined with our unique, customized automations that create an unparalleled framework for you as an advisor. We’ve created unique, customized digital workflows so your data processing time is reduced to only a few minutes. Our proprietary system spans from your first lead, through your forms and filing, all the way to the final digital signatures. We empower you to streamline your office, freeing your time so you can engage in the more purposeful things like building relationships, your practice, and serving your community.

Get More Time Each Day

"Partnering with Highway Financial was a great move for me. As an RIA, my main need was the administrative support. I also have a high desire to be part of a team that operates through morals and values. They provide the administrative, technical and marketing support I need to give me more freedom. Now I can focus on what I enjoy most, cultivating meaningful relationships with my financial clients and guiding them towards their best future."

— Myron Ashby

A Simpler Flow

A typical advisory back office is often hindered or even gridlocked in the clutter of paper, digital files, or outdated processes pieced together. Although some think the answer is end-to-end automation, we still see you as the most valuable asset to your clients and your practice. We believe in the right balance between advisor engagement and technology, which will help your practice to both stay on the forefront of innovation, while still building trusted client relationships. We refer to this balanced perspective as Guided, Human-centric, Technology (GHT). 

An Unparalleled Digital Framework


Assurance in Our Support

Highway Financial Networks® was founded by Bryan Erickson and has served clients in a fiduciary capacity for over 20 years. Bryan’s desire is to incorporate his faith into his practice, while encouraging other advisors to do the same through their practices. Carrying a vision to both advise and innovate in the financial realm, Bryan, and the team at Highway, have worked diligently to create an innovative platform that supports you as an independent advisory representative. Now you can be effective and productive in both your  advisory practice and what matters most to you.


From a professional brand appearance, to marketing support; from industry leading workflow automations, to strong values; we can provide you with everything you need to speed up growth and escape any back office gridlock.

Accelerate Your Growth







An Easier Road

AdobeStock_124998241 (1).jpeg

When you join Highway, you’ll discover an easier road to growing your individual practice without giving up more of your time. As you integrate Guided, Human-centric, Technology (GHT) into your environment, your clients will still feel the personal connection and trust that you bring, while your processes run easier, smoother, and faster than ever before. 

Soar to New Levels Today

Clear Your Path Forward

When you join Highway, not only do you get where you’re going faster and smoother, we’ll partner with you to create systems designed to improve your client retention, and grow your advisory practice.


We also know the importance of trust that you’ve built with your clients over time, so  rest assured, we have your back in the event of a life-changing situation.


Whether you are considering a successor for your practice or just concerned about the “what ifs” that could impact your ability to serve your clients, we’re committed to working with you to clarify the next steps for your practice. Together, we’ll arrive at a win-win solution to protect your income and serve your clients.  


An Easy Merge


If your practice has built brand equity and it would be better for your clients to continue seeing your name and logo, then we are happy to discuss co-branding options that benefit all parties involved.  This could also serve you well in the coming years, especially if you are looking toward an eventual succession plan.


Towards a Better Future

At Highway Financial Networks®, we offer you a way out of the gridlock through robust technology to streamline your back office. We want to equip you to run your practice smoother, faster, and simpler than ever before. When you join our firm as an independent advisory representative, you can experience a whole new lifestyle with the peace, freedom, and assurance you desire.

Let's get started today    (530)223-1222 

Q & A

Can I keep my existing models?

YES. We offer a wide variety of models that you can use, but if you have existing models from your practice you are free to continue using those with both your existing and new clients. 

Will my clients' fees change?

POSSIBLY. Although the exact numbers can vary, our fee structure is straight forward and honest. Often times, your clients will pay lower fees depending on the total fee structure. 

Can I let go of my billing?

YES. As an advisor of Highway Financial Networks®, we will handle all client billing and reporting.

Will I need E & O insurance?

NO. As an advisor of Highway Financial Networks®, you will be covered by our errors and omissions insurance. 

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