Feel the joy of financial freedom today. We'll help you determine the best financial direction for you and your family to build wealth and a lasting legacy. 

Our business platform offers innovative solutions using the most current technology to help your businesses or nonprofit. 

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We believe wealth and financial freedom are more attainable than you might think. We also believe true wealth is not focused on the accumulation of material assets, but rather a place of fulfillment you can reach when you have a secure financial plan in place. We'll listen to your unique story and help you craft a personalized plan so that you're free to focus on the true joys in life like caring for others, financial giving, dreams fulfilled, enhancing relationships and building a family legacy for your next generation. We call this place of abundance Living. Beyond the Money.® 

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We offer innovative solutions using the most current technology to assist businesses and nonprofits.

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Feel the joy of financial freedom.

Get wisdom and guidance to help you steward the resources that are entrusted to you and your family.

We want to develop a deep understanding of where you are and where you want to go. Let's address your questions and concerns today!

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We provide investment management for your:

  • Retirement Accounts (IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b, Profit Sharing & Pension Plans)

  • Individual & Joint Investment Management Accounts

  • Trust Accounts (Living, Irrevocable, Charitable)

  • Education & Minor Accounts (529, UTMA)

  • Entity Accounts (Foundations, Non-profits, Churches & Corporations)

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